We are your local specialist for tile cleaning, stone cleaning, grout cleaning and tile, stone and grout sealing covering the restoration of all types of stone and tiled flooring including Ceramic, Limestone, Marble, Porcelain, Quarry, Sandstone, Slate, Terracotta, Terrazzo, Travertine and Victorian tile. Were professionally trained and have the equipment and experience to solve any problem, were also part of the largest specialist tile and stone cleaning network in the UK that enables us to

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This Victorian tiled hallway at a house in the coastal town of Newquay actually dates back to the 1920 as opposed to the Victorian era, however the method of making them didn’t really change until after the 2nd World War, as such Victorian and Edwardian tiles can all be cleaned using the same methods. The tiles had actually been hidden under carpet and you can still see the carpet gripper and adhesive along the perimeter of the floor in the photographs below: Cleaning Victorian Floor Tiles

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Linoleum tile is commonly used in kitchens, bathroom, and entry ways for easy to take care of floors. Installing linoleum tile is a very straightforward process that is well within the skill sets of a general do-it-yourselfer.

Cutting linoleum tile can be something that you should take your time doing. It is not a hard process, but when you have the right tools to do the job it is a much easier process.

Straight Edge
As with any type of cutting, a straight edge is an important part of the cut. A straight edge can me any thing that has at least on perfectly straight edge to it. Many home centers will sell a metal straight edge that is commonly used, but you can make your own straight edge with a table saw, a sharp blade, and a good rip fence.

Sharp Cutting Tool
A regular utility knife can do the job of cutting the linoleum tile, but it can also be difficult. Line your straight edge up and work the utility knife over the back of the tile several times to make a clean cut.

Your best bet would be to buy a vinyl tile cutter from a home improvement center. These cutters easily cut through vinyl tile with little problem.
Source: www.DoItYourself.com

This customer, who lives in the small village of Cobham had the unique situation of having been abroad for six months, leaving her adult children in charge of the house. During this time, the fantastic Limestone tiled floor in the kitchen had not received adequate maintenance and its appearance had rapidly degraded. To make the situation worse, it seemed to me that the wrong products had been used on the rare occasions that it had been cleaned. With the customer now back in the UK and

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