How to Make Ceramic Glazed Tiles Nonslip

Ceramic glazed tiles can be purchased with a rough non-slip surface. But what can you do if your already installed tiles are slippery? Luckily, there are products available to add a non-slip surface to your glazed tiles. Some products can be color matched and others come in clear color alone. Coating ceramic glazed tiles with specialized non-slip solution can greatly reduce the event of accidents within the home or workplace.

Why Non-Slip Tiles?

Any smooth surface can become slippery, particularly if oil or moisture is applied. Bathrooms are naturally wet areas, and kitchen floors can be prone to spills. It is best to avoid the dangers of slipping over and falling onto hard surfaces because serious injuries can occur.

If children are around, they are likely to be involved in accidents around the house. Non-slip tile coating can aid in avoiding such accidents.

 Elderly people are wary of slips and falls. Safety precautions are necessary in areas where falls can happen as the elderly are frail. A simple fall could exacerbate further health complications.

In the workplace, employers are required to exercise a duty of care to workers, and thus should consider ways of lowering the risks of incidents which could occur on the job.

Several non-slip products for ceramic tiles are listed below.

Traction Kote 400

Traction Kote 400 is epoxy based and comes available in spray cans or gallon drums. For spray cans, just spray on the surface and for gallon drums, use a roller designed for epoxy based solutions. Once dry, flooring will be coated with a smooth surface. Traction Kote 400 has multiple applications and is suitable for use outdoors. It comes in a range of colors including clear.

Anti Slip-Non Slip Coating #01

Anti Slip-Non Slip Coating #01 creates a coating over the surface of tiles and makes tiles slip and stain resistant. It dries clear and is guaranteed to last up to five years, both indoors and outdoors.

Anti Slip-Non Slip Coating #02

Anti Slip-Non Slip coating #02 leaves an invisible etched slip resistant surface on tiles. For use indoors or outdoors and is guaranteed for a minimum of five years.

Tile-Grip Anti Slip

Tile-Grip Anti Slip creates microscopic pores on the surface of ceramic tiles. It is suitable for use indoors and outdoors. Leaves a smooth surface and must be applied annually for heavy traffic areas. Tile-Grip Anti Slip is environmentally friendly and comes in plastic bottles. This product evaporates quickly so be aware of the conditions and temperature that you’re working in.

Tips for Applying Non Slip Coatings to Ceramic Tiles

Start with a clean surface. Use detergent and hot water to lift any oily residue. Dry the tiles well. Do not leave any water behind; tiles must be completely dry in order for the coating to adhere. Always follow the directions supplied with the product. Give ample drying time before walking on the surface. Some products require that the surface be lightly sanded before application of the solution. Depending on what finish is needed, check directions before purchasing. Use gloves and a disposable face mask when applying product.





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