Pebble Flooring

Pebble flooring is a type of stone flooring that is held together by epoxy resins. It is used mostly for its natural look as well as its capacity to hide flaws on the floor. Installation of pebble flooring is very easy and it does not require elaborate knowledge of tile installation. Here are the procedures for this project.

What you’ll need

  • Pebbles
  • Brush
  • Epoxy primer
  • Sealant
  • Trowel

Step 1 – Remove Debris From The Floor
Clean the floor properly by sweeping away loose debris with a bristled broom or brush. Once the loose debris have been removed, it is important to apply a mild cleaner (soap and water solution) on the surface to remove stubborn dirt and oil. Rinse the surface to remove the residue left from the cleaner.

Step 2 – Inject Sealant To Fill Cracks On The Floor
Fill cracks in the floor prior to the installation of the pebble flooring. You can inject a sealant into the cracks and allow it to dry more than 24 hours before you proceed to the next step.

Step 3 – Apply Epoxy Primer
Once dry, apply the epoxy primer on the floor and let it dry for an hour. Use a brush when applying the primer.

Step 4 – Mix The Pebbles With Epoxy Resin
Separately, mix the pebbles with the epoxy resin and spread the mixture across the floor until you have covered the floor completely. Let it dry for 24 hours.

Step 5 – Seal The Surface Of The Pebble Flooring
Apply a coat of varnish on the floor to smoothen the surface. Let it dry completely.