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If you want to add a rustic charm to your kitchen, garage, or floors as a whole, consider installing a terracotta floor. This design choice works well in country homes or those looking for a Spanish flair. Terracotta is a warm copper color that complements most decor, and it can add a touch of elegance to any space. If you think you want to add this look to your home, consider some of the benefits below.

It’s Unique
Since terracotta is made of clay, you never get two tiles that look just alike. They all provide a slight variance in color and pattern that looks great, no matter where you put it. People often use terracotta backsplashes because of this unique look, but flooring is the most popular application. In a rustic setting, this unpredictable pattern works very well with the natural looking design.

It’s Easy to Install
Terracotta is very easy to install if you know what you are doing. It works just like any other tile. You simply provide a surface to adhere the tile to, allow it to set, and then grout it. Because of the porous nature of this material, it is actually very easy to cut for awkward corners. It is these pores, however, that also hurt the durability of the terracotta. If you add a sealant to the surface of the tile though, you should have no issues at all.

It’s Easy to Clean
Since you have to put a sealant over the terracotta tiles, cleanup is a breeze. Most liquid beads up on the surface, so all you have to do is wipe up a mess with a paper towel or mop. These floors don’t show stains or dirt easily either, so they can still make your rustic space look good, even if they are dirty. Oftentimes a little dirt actually helps to add some charm to the tiles. Thus you may not have to clean as often as you may think.

It’s Comfortable
Even though a lot of rustic furniture is made from wood, most people manage to find comfort in that material. Terracotta flooring is no different. It may be a hard tile, but it is not as hard as a lot of other tiles on the market. Thus you may find walking on terracotta to be a comfortable option for your home, especially if you have small children. This floor doesn’t get cold as easily as some other materials, so you should be fine to walk on it in winter months.

It’s Ageless
As time goes by, your rustic terracotta floor will look better and better. The unique patterns on each tile start to reveal themselves after years of wear. The tiles themselves lose some of the artificial smooth texture, and they start to become more realistic. If you are looking for a set of tiles to grow with you, these are definitely it. You should have a beautiful floor for years to come.




Last summer I was asked to carry out a survey at one of the Cardiff University buildings where they were looking at having a large Terrazzo floor restored. The University was on its summer recess so with no students around it was an ideal time for major works to be carried out. At some point in the past the whole floor had been covered in a layer of self-levelling compound ranging from 2mm – 10mm thickness, so it could be covered with square carpet tiles which had then been secured with

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The owner of an older property in Newmarket got in contact with us about restoring his Victorian Terrazzo Tiled Hallway. We like to do a site survey to ascertain the condition of the floor and give the client a fixed price for the works, so we organised a time to pop over and look at the floor. The floor had taken a battering over the years and was completely unrecognisable after being completely covered up with carpet that had been secured in place with a lot of adhesive. Removing the glue

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I recently visited a customer with a grubby Terrazzo tiled kitchen floor who lived in the Skyline Apartments in the centre of Manchester. Billed as luxury accommodation the building has a Gym and apparently a 20-metre swimming pool on the roof. The floor in the Kitchen was around 6m square and my customer originally thought the tiles were Limestone, but I was able to confirm they were Terrazzo, not that it mattered from my point of view as the cleaning process would be the same. The

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We recently took a call from a company based in Oldbury asking if we could restore a natural stone floor that had been covered for over many years. The company were unsure exactly what type of stone the floor was made of, so I agreed to visit the site to survey the situation and quote a price for restoring the floor. Oldbury is a town in the West Midlands, not far outside of West Bromwich, which has a history dating back over 1,000 years. It has historically been home to several notable

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This post follows on from the Victorian Tiled floor article I published earlier, if you recall I was asked to restore a Victorian Tiled Hallway at a house in Dudley and there was a section that was Terrazzo, so I thought it would make sense to write about this separately as the cleaning method is different. Both period floors were original, having been installed when the house was built over 100 years prior and whilst Victorian tiles are quite the norm in these properties it’s quite unusual

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The photographs below are from a set of Terrazzo steps outside a house in Glasgow which had completely lost their colour after being subject to years of weather staining and believe me we see all sorts of weather up here in Scotland. The owner of the house wanted them restoring back to their natural state but naturally concerned about safety didn’t want them shiny or slippy in anyway. Cleaning Terrazzo Steps I could see tackling the different surfaces of the stone stairs would be tricky so

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