This Victorian tiled hallway floor, located in a property in Blackwood, South Wales, was in a bad way. It was suffering from several broken and missing tiles, and the entire floor looked like it had not experienced a good clean and fresh seal in several years. The property itself dated back to 1905, and it’s very likely that the Victorian tiles are original. However, the property owner was very hopeful that the hallway could be rejuvenated, so he contacted me to carry out the work. Upon my

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Applying grout to slate wall tiles is more demanding than applying grout to floor tiles. You will need to be sure to give the tiles sufficient time to dry and must be careful when you work with the tiles themselves. Make sure you follow these guidelines carefully.

What You’ll Need:
Unsanded grout
Grout squeegee
Grout float
Tile sealant

Step 1 – Cleaning
Start off by cleaning the tiles from any residues and excess mortar. Wipe with a dampened soft cloth.

Step 2 – Sealing
Once the tiles have been allowed to dry, apply a coating of tile sealant on their surface with a small paintbrush. Coat only the surface of the slate tile and do not allow the sealer to get into the lines around the tiles where the grout will be applied.

Step 3 – Mixing the Grout
Next, you have to mix the grout. It is best to use unsanded grout. Also, try to choose a color which is similar to the tiles’ color. Mix well until you achieve the desired consistency. It is best to add the water a little at a time.

Step 4 – Applying the Grout
Scoop a small amount of grout onto a grout float and apply it carefully in the space between one tile and another. A grout squeegee may also come in handy to press the grout down in the space. Use a damp sponge to wipe away any excess grout.

Black slate tile has a style that is unique. It an give a room an elegant style and lasts a long time. Black slate tiles are installed in kitchens, bathrooms and living rooms. It comes in porcelain, ceramic or natural tile stones.

What You’ll Need:
Liquid Grout
Notched Trowel
Tile Spacers
Rubber Mallet
Slate Tile Sealer
Wet Saw

Step 1 – Measuring the Room and Arranging the Tiles
Measure the room and find its center point. Mark the center and snap a chalk line to keep the measurements. Next, arrange the tiles in the desired pattern. Then, cut the tiles using a wet saw.

Step 2 – Installing the Tiles
Black slate tiles are easy to install. Set the tiles in thin-set using a notched trowel. The trowel creates lines in the thin-set that allow the tiles to be pushed into it with no oozing. As the black slate tiles are laid, make sure a steady spacing pattern is maintained. Allow the surface to cure for 24 hours. A grout released liquid can be applied over the tiles. Keep the grout off of the slate’s edges.