Installing rubber strips is an easy yet sure-fire way to prevent any slips from happening when going up and down your stairs.

Step 1 – Clean Your Stairs
Do the routine cleaning of your stair steps until everything is spic and span.

Step 2 – Cut the Strips into Size
Measure the steps of your stairs and cut the rubber threads that you have into size so that they fit perfectly. Try placing the threads on the stairs to make sure that everything is snug.

Step 3 – Applying Epoxy
Place a strip of epoxy on the stair thread and the bottom of the nosing. Now apply the same epoxy on the inside nosing. You need to be really cautious about placing epoxy. If you do not apply enough, the rubber strips may just peel away in no time.

Step 4 – Installing the Rubber Strips
You can start placing the rubber strips on your stairs. Make sure to start with the nosing. Place the rubber strip on the very bottom of the nosing and then work your way up into the main steps. Make sure to be really firm with applying the strips.

Step 5 – Smoothing Everything
With the use of a roller, try to smooth down any crease that you find in the rubber strip.